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One of Biggest Mistakes When you Trying to Lose Fat

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

In this Post i overview few hooks where you get stuck with your diet and end up getting nowhere.

So first of all we all know fruits are good for you and dried fruits are great snack and considered as healthy option cause it has a lot of fiber and it is good for your digestion system, colon health, also has lots of polyphenol antioxidants which are very important for your immune system and so on, however it's healthy and useful in your diet only if you limit to very low levels of your daily intake, despite all benefits consuming too much may give negative effects such as raised blood sugar, cause even small amount of dried fruits contains huge amount of sugar and calories your body has to deal with, it raises your insulin and over time in most cases it ends up on your tummy as fat layer.

Same applies to dairy products, dairy foods as cottage cheese or yogurt are considered healthy meal, source of calcium and protein main mineral for your bones and muscle recovery, but consuming it in sweet form with added sugar or sweeteners it highly affects your hormons, raises your blood sugar and with a lack of activity puts your diet in a roll back.

There is some good news: If you consume enough vitamine c it may help your body to burn fat faster. Here are some whole foods are highly valuable for your diet

Bell Peppers- great source of vitamine c, and most important low in sugar. consider adding it in your Diet daily.

Cinamon- perfect additive in your coffee or bakery as sugar replacement because it helps regulate blood sugar.

Tumeric- spice that contains cucurmin, which reduces inflamation and stimulates digestion system and helps to reduce your waistline.

Hope you find it helpful, as it may help to evaluate your diet and see it from different point of view.

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