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Are you mood eater? or mud eater?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Have you ever thought why you are hitting that fridge way more often than you are hitting a gym? Why that fridge full of ready-to-eat me became such a big deal in your life? Why every time your mood is down, you feel upset, you have no energy for anything, you look in that fridge like it would be your last and only friend who can help you out to escape that bad irritating condition you are in. You don't know anymore you love it or hate it cause that is the only thing that lifts you up regrettably not for long, and you coming back again looking for sweet-sour fat love you know it's no good, cause it leaves you craving for more, but you can't see any other way, and you are stuck in that circle again with no way out.

What if i tell you there is a way around it, and you don't need to burn that big bad box, that invites you for the sin, cause it doesn't have to be. No more regrets no more guilt, cause you know you are on the right path to healthy, happy, and active life you always wanted to live. You know that trip to the fridge is shorter, (you can make that trip way healthier), but a trip to the gym is what you make alive again.

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